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Switchboard Upgrades

Do I need to get my Switchboard Upgraded? Most electrical switchboards or meter boxes sub 1985 will contain asbestos , timber surrounds, circuit breakers and fuses! This is currently non-compliant and needs to be upgraded to meet Australian regulations. Even more importantly to keep you and yourself family safe.

Over the years we require more and more electricity to service the ongoing demand for the amount of electrical appliances and devices we all now have. The mains run to your house were adequate back when we only had a few appliances in our home, now that we have so many, mains cables are usually undersized and are at risk of being over loaded which can lead to electrical fires and blackouts.

We would recommend getting one of our experienced electricians to give your electrical switchboard or meter box a health check so we can get your home up to date with the current Australian electrical standards.

Our Sutherland Shire Electricians can upgrade your whole system or just a component depending on what is required . We work closely with our level 2 electrician (authorised service provider ) so we can handle the whole job from start to finish .

A Switchboard Upgrade Project in Detail

  1. Your houses entire power will be isolated at your main switchboard, in order to conduct the switchboard upgrade safely.
  2. We will remove all of the old circuit protection devices (fuses).
  3. We’ll install an 8-12 pole enclosure to house the new circuit breakers and RCDs.
  4. Your circuits will be reconnected into circuit breakers or, circuit breaker/RCD combination breakers. This ensures the safety of people and meets the updated electrical standards (according to AS NZS 3000:2018).
  5. We will inspect the Main Earthed Neutral system and ensure that your main earthing conductor (electrode) is still in adequate condition, as per updated electrical standards. This may also have to be upgraded, to ensure that your home is electrically grounded.
  6. The entire installation will require 7 mandatory electrical tests that we will carry out. This ensures adequate protection verifying that there are no faults or underlying issues.
  7. This will take anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete for a standard switchboard upgrade.

Switchboard Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers to all of your most common Switchboard Upgrade related questions located here.

A switchboard up grade typically means removing old fuses and circuit breakers which now don’t meet Australian standards. Then replacing enclosure and installing safety switches to protect you and your home. A switchboard usually goes unnoticed as it’s usually hidden however every home requires an upgrade at some point to keep up safety standards and keep you and your family safe . So book us for a quote as soon as possible

A Switchboard upgrade can vary in an individual unit it can start at $660 and go up to $5000 for updating the whole system in a house , however typically $1500 -1750 for a larger house

If your switchboard had fuses, circuit breakers or is lined with asbestos we would definitely recommend upgrading your switchboard. Having the latest RCD not only can save you from an electric fire from overloading. It will keep you and your family safe.

Fuses are no longer allowed and do not meet Australian standards due to them being unsafe

The main difference is fuses prevent the cable its protecting from being overloaded only where as a safety switch or RCD not only protects the cable but has electrocution protection incorporated as well

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